Schwilk Designs
Sometimes we spend hours online trying to find software to accomplish a task or many tasks and either we give up and break out Excel or Word or we settle for something that "almost" does what we want. This can not only be extremely frustrating but it can also waste a lot of time and money but not being efficient for what you need.

We have also ran into this problem, the difference is we just write out own software to do exactly what we want. Many people think that they could never afford custom software and that is simply not true in most cases. Custom software can be very expensive depending on the requirements but most are very affordable. For example we wrote a custom video surveillance system to tie into Cisco VoIP phones, this was over $10,000 to develop. However, we have also written custom reporting packs for Cisco UCCX for less than $3000.00 and a simple Firearm Inventory System for under $1500.00. Again, the cost is dependant on the requirements.

Stop wasting time searching for the "perfect" software, manipulating Excel or working around issues and let Schwilk Designs help.

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